Women in Science and Engineering Symposium

Create What You Wish Existed

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Until Wise January 2020


Students of all ages have the opportunity to engage with STEM professionals during the symposium!

The first two days of the symposium are designed to allow for multiple networking times for upper class high school and college students.  You can find STEM companies, local STEM organziations and clubs, as well as other students showcasing their achivements.  It is highly recommended that 11th and 12th grade high school students attend the first two days of the event!

Bring your resumes or just an open mind, you never know who you might meet!

Pioneer Day is on January 23rd!  Students will have opportunities to interact with exhibits and demonstrations.  Registration will begin at 8:00am at the Convention Center and the event will end approximately at 4:00pm.  School registration is limited to 50-100 students to allow for diverse school participation. Registration will be closed once 500 students have registered or on January 10th.

Below is a list of exhibits we will have on January 23rd.
- virtual reality area
- chemistry demos
- Tesla coil
- industry demos
- robotics
- Brevard zoo animals
- and many more!

We will also have a few themed rooms.
- Fossil Room
- Sci-fi Room
- Electrical Engineering Room (middle school and high school students)