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Secretary General

Mónica Groba López

Monica Groba is the Secretary General of the National Geographic Institute (IGN), the national organization that manages Astronomy, Geophysics, Geodesy and Cartography facilities of the Spanish Government. The Secretary General is responsible for budget, procurement, human resources and Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) for the IGN. She coordinates central and peripheral centers, national and international projects and furnishes the legal support required.

Through the Geographical Superior Council, the Secretary General has sole authority for management of the National Cartographic System (SNC) and is also responsible for technical and operational support of the SNC, including the Geographic Equipment National Reference by managing the Central Registry of Cartography, the development and conservation of the National Geographic Archives, and providing the expert report on internal and external boundaries.

In 1996 Mónica Groba entered the civil service as a Senior Official of the Spanish Government.

Since 2003, she is a member of the Board of the Spanish Port System, a government agency. In 2015, she became a member of the Board of the Joint Institute for Very Long Baseline Interferometry (JIV-ERIC) in Europe, established as a European Research Infrastructure Consortium.


  • 1992 Masters Degree, Agricultural/Industrial Engineering. Polytechnical University of Madrid
  • 2000 Executive Masters, ICT Management. Polytechnical University of Madrid, Faculty of Computer Science. National Public Affairs Institute
  • 2001 Excellence E.F.Q.M. Modeling (European Foundation for Quality Management). Ministry of Public Affairs
  • 2003 Senior Executive Training. National Public Affairs Institute
  • 2008 Strategies for e-government. Argentine National Public Affairs Institute


  • October 2012 - Present. Secretary General IGN, Ministry of Development
  • June 2011 - October 2012. Deputy Secretary General IGN, Ministry of Development
  • May 2003 - June 2011. Technical ICT Expert Advisor, Directorate General for Administrative and Technical Modernization, Ministry of the Presidency
  • June 2001 - May 2003. Quality Inspector, Ministry of Science and Technology
  • January 1999 - June 2001. Technical Advisor on Human Resources, National Public Affairs Institute
  • January 1997- January 1999. Department Head, Directorate General, Treasury and Financial Policy, Ministry of the Economy and Finance