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Women in Science and Engineering Symposium

Staff Scientist, Atmospheric, Earth, and Energy Division

Dr. Rengin Gök

Dr. Gök is a staff scientist in the atmospheric, earth, and energy division, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and holds a PhD in Geophysics from Bogazici University in Instanbul, Turkey.  Dr. Gök is responsible for managing the seismic cooperation program for International Seismic Engagement in the Middle East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and the Caucasus region.   She builds partner capacity for Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty implementation and develops models for seismic monitoring and seismic hazard assessment. Her research interests include developing software called the Coda Calibration Tool for reliable moment magnitudes of smaller size seismic events. She is an expert in modernizing seismic networks by supporting local monitoring center capability and equipment capacity. Her other research interests are regional wave propagation and attenuation, velocity structure of lithosphere, seismic source behavior, earthquake scaling, velocity tomography, shear-wave splitting, earthquake legacy data.