Building Tomorrow Now

Women in Science and Engineering Symposium

Associate Professor, University of Florida

Dr. Siobhan Malany

Dr. Siobhan Malany came to Florida from California, where she worked for several years in the biotechnology industry advancing novel drug compounds to treat neurological and metabolic disorders. In Florida, she discovered her passion for space medicine. She founded Micro-gRx, a company focused on study the effects of microgravity on human muscle myocytes using an automated miniature laboratory called a lab-on-a-chip system to model age-related musculoskeletal disease. Her team launched the lab-on-a-chip payload on the NG-10 vehicle in November 2018 and is now part of an initiative funded by the National Institutes of Health called the Tissue Chips in Space program. Her next launch will be in fall 2020 and again in 2022. Dr. Malany was named one of 2017 Faces of Technology by Florida’s High Tech Corridor and was recently honored by a Proclamation from the Mayor of her hometown of Springfield, IL for her accomplishments and mentorship of young people in STEM research. She has recently joined the faculty in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Florida.