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Speaker, Trainer and Executive Consultant

Dr. Amacitia Maloon-Gibson

Dr. Amicitia (Cita) Maloon-Gibson is an executive consultant, speaker, author, and certified mediator and life coach. She established MGAA-Professional Development Institute (PDI) to help others develop strategies for mastering business, careers, life and relationships.  Known as “The Empowerment Doc,” Dr. Gibson shares effective strategies for leadership and empowerment through her keynotes, seminars, Leadership Academy and Advanced Leadership Masterminds and Retreats.

Dr. Gibson’s audience is diverse and includes a spectrum of clients in North America and abroad including Society of Human Resources, Federal Executive Boards, Department of Defense Agencies and Professional Development Institutes of higher learning. Dr. Cita is an active member of the National Speakers Association (NSA). She also serves on local and corporate boards.

She has been featured in local, national, global professional and federal magazines and media. Dr. Gibson was a cast member of the TV Reality series "The Keynote."

Dr. Cita is a renowned global and international author of several books and she has co-authored 11 books with the Professional Woman Network. Her most recent bestseller is "Growing and Empowering Future Leaders Now!"

Describing herself as a student for life, Dr. Gibson holds advanced degrees in Management, Leadership, Human Resources Development and Social Psychology. Dr. Cita is a decorated veteran with 29 years of service, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel, United States Department of Defense: Army-Corps of Engineers-Air Force. Her mentors and coaches included her parents, Claude and Juanita Maloon, Farrell Chiles, Dr. Robert Lemons, John Maxwell, Gen. Colin Powell, Gen. Robert Crear and others.